Bushnell Park is an arboretum of rare and native trees.  From the beginning, the Reverend Horace Bushnell and Bushnell Park designer Jacob Weidenmann shaped a graceful landscape that included over 150 varieties of trees.  Though many of the originals were lost over the years to both age and neglect, the Bushnell Park Conservancy led a renovation in the 1980’s and 1990’s that included the planting of 400 additional trees. In 2021, the Conservancy started the Weidenmann Tree Society, which seeks to raise $300,000 to take care of our mature trees and to plant 120 trees by spring 2024.  You can donate here to help us reach our goal.

To develop a plan to take care of the mature trees in the Park, the Conservancy recently hired a company to complete a survey of 525 trees.  To view the trees and learn more about them, click here.

You can pick up one of the updated “Tree Walk” brochures free of charge on Thursdays when the Arch is open for tours from 12-1:30pm in May-October or at the Carousel when it is open.