In 1861, Jacob Weidenmann was hired to design Bushnell Park. As part of his plan, Weidenmann selected 157 varieties of deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs from North America, Europe and eastern Asia. A total of 1,100 individual specimens were planted, creating a dense canopy of green covering the park and screening out the sights and sounds of the city. The park is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

In 2021, the Bushnell Park Conservancy started the Weidenmann Tree Society, a fundraising campaign to replenish, nurture and expand the tree canopy in Bushnell Park. Support for this important work – assessing the condition of trees in the Park and planning to ensure their healthy future and developing a new tree planting plan – is done in collaboration with the City of Hartford’s Forester, the Department of Public Works, the Hartford Tree Commission, knowledgeable arborists, and park advocates.

Today the Park has 88 species and just over 530 trees. Since the start of the campaign, we are halfway to our goal of planting 120 trees and we have reached 75% of our fundraising goal. With your donation, we can plant new trees and maintain the health of the trees that adorn Bushnell Park.

The urban canopy of Bushnell Park provides a critical component of city infrastructure and are essential for vibrant communities.  Trees improve public health by cleaning the air and alleviating heat stress.

Please contribute to the vibrancy and health of your community by donating to the Weidenmann Tree Society.